1791 House Restoration

Dear Jason, I want to tell you how pleased I am with the work that you did on our home. We gave you a set of drawings and you and your team brought intelligence, skill and imagination to work day in and day out to create a project that is beautiful, elegant and sturdy. We chose many little things that make our home special, paint color, choice of plumbing fixtures, tiles, countertops, etc, but the one big thing we did was to choose you. Before you started this job we were spinning our wheels and wasting time and money. Once you started work that ended. Other people tried to remodel our house before you. You alone were able to rally the machinery and the labor that was needed to do the job the right way. You brought a deep respect to the work everyday.I feel strongly that the attitudes that people bring to the work site shows up almost immediately in the work. When you first saw our house it was gutted and dirty. No one could really see its potential, even me. Some contractors wanted to rip it down and start fresh. The end result is a testimony to your ability to respect the 1791 house buried beneath the rubble. Despite the challenge of having to meet the 2008 building code the house still has its original spirit. I appreciate that you never gave me a hard time when I was determined to keep some of the historic details intact no matter how difficult it made your job. I know that the building inspector is impressed as well. You earned his trust by never taking shortcuts, never being satisfied with the minimum required. The house feels like it will easily stand for another 200 plus years. All our best,

Lynne Feasley